TerriaJS catalog editor (alpha)


TerriaJS is the software that runs National Map, AREMI, Northern Australia Map, NEII Viewer, and related sites. This tool is for TerriaJS administrators in charge of managing the catalogs for those sites. It lets you load a catalog (a list of datasources), make changes to it, and then save a copy to the web.

Loading a catalog

To load a catalog, either:

  1. Click the name of one of the National Map catalog groups, then click the Load button.
  2. If the catalog JSON code is on the web somewhere, paste the URL into the URL box then click the Load button.
  3. Copy the JSON code for the catalog from somewhere else. Paste it into the JSON code box, then click anywhere outside the box to load from it.

Saving changes

Click the Save to Gist button. A copy of the catalog will be saved to Gist, a website for storing text files run by GitHub. The contents is private unless you share the URL with someone. You can then preview the changes or send a copy to the system administrator.

Adding properties

There are many additional properties you can add to each catalog item or group besides its name and type.
  1. Click the Properties button at the top of the item
  2. Scroll down to find the property you want to add, then click its checkbox
  3. Now close the Properties list, and go and find that property, to give it a value.

Moving items up and down

To reorder items within a group, click the ↑ and ↓ buttons located below and to the right of the list of items. Reordering items in the primary group level can be slow.

Adding an item

To add a new item into a group:
  1. Click ✚ Item, located above the list of items. (To add a new top-level group, click ✚ Top-level group located at the bottom.)
  2. Choose a type from the drop down list. The default is "Group"
  3. Enter a name
  4. Add additional properties (See "Adding properties", above)

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