Terria™ is a spatial data platform that provides spatial predictive analytics.

Spatial Predictive Analytics

Terria™ has developed a suite of web-based analytics tools to extract insight and make probabilistic predictions using data in a web-based mapping environment. These tools are built from state of the art machine learning algorithms designed specifically for large-scale spatial inference.

Info sheet: Terria – Spatial Predictive Analytics

Info sheet: National Map

Info sheet: Terria – Spatial Data Exploration


Terria™ specializes in software for web-based spatial data analytics and visualization. Our federated spatial data exploration technology powers compelling spatial data websites such as the Australian National Map, the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure and the UNEPFI Global Risk Map.

Terria™ spatial data platform provides a range of advanced spatial detailing, summarization and prediction techniques. We provide advanced spatial data analytics for a large number of industries including environment, energy, finance, and demographics.

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